Lower Tregantle

Client: Ken & Sandra Pratt

The brief

Mr & Mrs Pratt had a long, old, outbuilding next to their house that was in a dilapidated state with three different sections of badly deteriorated roof coverings. The joinery in the building was rotten and leaking and the general appearance of the building was shabby and run-down. They wanted to improve the state and usability of the building to the best condition their budget would allow.

The solution

Having been given an idea of their budget limitations, we proposed a series of works that would improve the structural integrity, usability and aesthetics of the building and, having agreed a design, we began with demolition of the dilapidated elements. Once stripped of the old roofs, defunct joinery and unwanted sections of walls we were left with just the old walls of the building (some stone and some cob) ready for a completely new roof structure. We cut a new kingpost truss roof that followed the difficult shape of the walls from softwood with fully glazed green oak gable trusses to maximise light entering each end of the building. The structure was then insulated, slated and all fascias, soffits and guttering fitted. Meanwhile our team of masons built new doorways where required and repaired old stonework to accept new hardwood joinery and direct glazed green oak frames throughout the building. Interior floors were levelled with screed and at one end which was to be a studio/snug, a wood-burner was fitted.

The result

The finished product is a building that now has aesthetic consistency with a single roof covering, matching joinery and direct glazed green oak. Each of the three sections of the building is now well suited to the uses (garage, workshop and studio) that the customers had outlined to us at the beginning. It is also now secure, dry and warm, and the old walls will continue to remain now that they have been repaired and stabilised.

Will and Tom were a pleasure to work with on this challenging renovation. From the outset, they not only listened to our thoughts and ideas, they were fully engaged with innovations and ideas of their own, helping us to come up with a final plan significantly better than our expectations. Throughout the project they worked to agreed timelines and they brought in high quality sub-contractors in a timely fashion when necessary. The final result is a high quality renovation, both functional and good looking.

Ken & Sandra Pratt

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