South Trelowia Farmhouse

Client: Simon & Debora Payne

The brief

Mr & Mrs Payne contacted us to discuss the supply and fit of a small oak frame at the farmhouse they are beginning to renovate. They wanted to integrate a frame into a set of old stone outbuildings near the house that would in the short term be a workshop area but in the long term could potentially be used as a dwelling. They needed us to produce frame drawings with engineer’s calculations, cut and install the frame and provide a slate roof covering that was watertight to the stone gable of the building on one side and to the small roof of the piggery on the other.

The solution

On visiting the site we took measurements and discussed the requirements for the green oak frame but it was also clear that there was much additional work needed on the adjoining structures to make the whole project successful. So, added to the brief was repair of much of the stonework in the area, repair of some sub-standard blockwork, introduction of a doorway in a stone gable wall, making good the old piggery roof and installing hardwood joinery therein. Having agreed a frame design with the customer we began cutting the frame at our workshop. Meanwhile we called on our expert mason, Neil, to undertake the stonework elements of the project, so that the buildings would be repaired and ready to accept the new frame. With the frame delivered, erected and tied into the adjoining buildings, we glazed the appropriate areas whilst our specialist roofing team fitted the felt batten and slate to the new oak frame and the existing piggery. Between these two buildings we introduced a box gutter, the lead work on which was carried out by a lead welding specialist.

The result

On approach to the property, there were once dilapidated stone outhouses with a large gap between them, sub-standard blockwork and a roofless, doorless piggery. Now, there is a fully glazed green oak frame workshop with new roof covering, that encompasses the piggery with new joinery to make the buildings dry and secure. The project was delivered on time and on budget using expert skills where they were needed to give the best possible result.

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