Chorlton Junction, St Agnes

‘You’re in the safest of hands

Customers: Mr & Mrs Conibear
Architect: Jonathan Dunn Architects
Engineers: Entos Consulting
D&W Role: Principal contractor
Construction: Nudura ICF
Duration: 52 weeks

What Mr & Mrs Conibear had to say –

Building a house should be a terrifying ordeal.

You’re putting a huge chunk of your life in the hands of relative strangers. And you’ll face inevitable headaches along the way. But the reality is: when you work with a team of Doyle & Whitley’s calibre, you end up with next-to-nothing to worry about.

Both Will and Tom’s competence is self-evident from off. The way they understand and explain the build immediately puts you at ease. Then from the moment you break ground, you can see you’re in the safest of hands because every individual on-site, down to a man, is incredibly skilled.

More than that, the team takes tremendous pride in their work. Which means you actively look forward to seeing the progress first-hand and chatting through how you envisage each small detail taking shape — only for Alex (he was our site manager) and the trades somehow bringing even the scattiest ideas to life.

And those headaches you feared? Well, they rarely, if ever, materialise. Because the team’s professionalism means hiccups vanish as quickly as they arose.

Our project was, by no means, an easy build. Which is why Jen and I invested so much time in finding a contractor we felt we could both get along with as much as trust. Right up until the end, Tom and Will demonstrated their honesty and friendliness isn’t just a front.

They are as genuine as people come: a trait that’s rare to find anywhere, let alone in the building industry. We are so grateful we stumbled across D&W as we now have a wonderful house we can call our family home.

As you can probably guess, we have no hesitation in recommending Tom, Will and the team for any project.

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